MA Updating Pond Maps

The MA State is into a multi-year program to update pond maps with new detailed  bathymetric (depth) maps using state of the art instrumentation. These revised maps are helping anglers more accurately pinpoint pools and structures, which can lead to a more successful day of fishing and no damaged propeller.

An example of a new map done recently using 1000s of measurements

and an old style map, typically done several decades ago using less than 100 measurements

Whitehall Pond in Rutland

Waushacum Pond in Sterling

The entire list of the state pond maps are here,

Mapping is only one part of the state project.  The state is also taking inventory of the fish population in these ponds, assessing the species diversity and changes over a few decades, as well as assessing the health of the fish population based on size/weight and available food sources. The ponds support a wide variety of warm water fish species. The state several decades ago had a warm water species stocking program and has no plans now/near-term to start a program.