Youth Pheasant Program- Class Session Part 2 – Pics and Video

This years Norco Youth Program has 18 participants and 11 participants are first-timers for the pre-hunt class on the 23rd.
The day’s education agenda covered topics ranging from the ethics of pheasant hunting to what gear to bring, to safety topics like crossing an obstacle and when it is/is not OK to shoot.

Jack and Rose Mandela came to help out with the pre-hunt class on the 23rd, who were students from a previous year. They did a question and answer session,  explained what it was like to be a participant in the hunt, and shared great pictures from their hunt last year. They are both participating again in this year’s youth pheasant hunt on October 7th..


Instructor Kelly Dalbec’s field dog Trigger performed all the field demos for the day and now has 18 more new friends to hunt with.


From the state program description:

   Part Two – Pre-hunt Workshop. Young adults will have the opportunity to practice all aspects of a safe hunt during a pre-hunt workshop held just prior to the actual pheasant hunt. This will be a          hands-on “in the field” session that will include safety exercises such as hunting in a group, zones of fire, crossing safely over obstacles, safely loading and unloading firearms in the field, proper

field carries, handling and operating firearms safely, shoot/don’t shoot scenarios and hunter ethics. In addition, the pre-hunt workshop will cover the basics on firearms for upland hunting,

ammunition, gear, clothing, and other equipment typically used in upland hunting.