Norco Turkey Shoot on November 15th – How to Participate and How it is Run

The Norco Turkey Shoot is run as a fun activity for youth and parents of the youth participants


The Turkey Shoot takes place at the Norco Trap and Skeet Range, Thursday November 15th from 6:00PM to 8:30PM

  • there will be 2 contests, a youth contest upto age 16 and and an adult contest
  • 2 winners from the youth contest receive a frozen turkey; 1 winner for the adult contest receives a frozen turkey
  • the target is a small steel silhouette of a turkey placed xx yards from the shooter
  • each shooter shoots 2 x 22lr at the silhouette; if you miss, you are out of the running
  • for those shooters hitting the target, they advance to the next round where the target is moved xx yards further away
  • the Norco club provides the .22 rifle, which is iron sights fired single shot ; Norco provides the .22lr ammo
  • after the youth contest is completed, the adult contest is run
  • there is no fee to participate
  • arrive 15 minutes early if possible, 5:45PM to sign-in, get oriented, etc..
  • everyone should bring their own safety glasses and hearing protection