April Pistol Bowling Pin Shoot Winner

Good weather and earlier in the month range repair work allowed Norco pistol shooters to start-up the monthly Bowling Pin shoots. Tomas Maestas won the official match and Barry Hines won the for-fun match. Hope to see more shooters come out in the warmer weather. Rules we run by are simple – double elimination; winner of each matchup clears their table of 5 pins and takes the 6th pin on the bucket – speed and accuracy is paramount. Match can be fairly shot with your favorite pistol or revolve – all shooters start out with 6 rounds; reloads are unlimited to number of rounds your magazine can handle (and obviously a revolver is limited to is cylinder capacity). It is common to reload once and sometimes twice to complete your table and compete for the 6th pin. Once all the pin shooting is done, most shooters stay-on to do target shooting and swap pistols to try other’s favorite pistol/revolver. Recommend to bring 100 rounds for the pin-shoot.