CPR and Wound Trauma Class

May 18th, Norco hosted the CPR/ Trauma class for 12 students who came from Norco, Boston LEO and WCL clubs for Rutland, Whitinsville, Auburn, and Uxbridge.  Scott Goldstein had the students hopping all day learning life saving muscle memory skills and tasked the students to work through scenarios for gun shot wound, chemical burns, severed digits, choking, suicide threat, and torso lacerations – all students received a T-tourniquet; club received a full-IFAK to be tethered with our AED.    All club members – do read the medical emergency signs posted at the trap range, the pistol/rifle ranges, and archery range.  IFAKs with tourniquets are in the fish shed, the trap range desk upper right-hand drawer, and the AED in the clubhouse men’s room.