Rescheduled for May 21st – Sportsman’s Dinner (no longer March 12th)

Norco has tickets on sale at the bar and online.  Online credit card purchases are $27.00 plus card fee for 1 adult ticket. Cash discount is $25.00 paid as cash or check at the Norco bar or ordered through the postal mail.   Youth tickets available for $5.00   To order online, visit url

An example of our planned menu, that will feature both game and non-game items. This menu is from our 2019 dinner.  At this point in time, Norco is seeking more game and fish donations : venison, moose, elk, bear, beaver, pheasant, turkey, trout, stripper, etc… if it walked, flew, or swam, we’ll figure out a delicious dish to make!  Contact wayne, or stop in any Thursday when the clubhouse is open to drop off.