Norco Volunteer Opportunities Rest of 2023

Earn Norco volunteer hours, work on your own for most projects or in teams organized for certain projects.

Norco volunteer hour work credit policy; earn hours NOW to reduce 2024 dues renewal from $170 –> $80

Reach out to Wayne, to coordinate details, supplies, and if needed, access to 


  • done: replace 1st floor mens room toilet tank fill valve and flapper
  • done: clean 1st floor ceiling lights and light covers
  • paint 1st floor floor 
  • paint 2nd floor indoor doors
  • kitchen grease interceptor emptied/cleaned
  • done: kitchen gas stovetop backsplash cleaned
  • done: repair/replace kitchen door handle to not lock
  • done: December 10 Christmas party – decorate, setup food lines, raffle tables, run raffles, cleanup
  • remove office ceiling light in the cabinetry
  • mop and wax second floor of clubhouse
  • cover air conditioners with insulation


  • after the leaves fall, blow leaves off of lawn
  • done: set snowplow markers
  • setup and install sewer line heating cable
  • done: 3D archery targets stored
  • help archery committee lawn targets, Sunday Dec 10th, email for time
  • done: paint picnic benches near clubhouse, that need paint
  • done: repair/replace outdoor water spigot
  • done: replace faulty timer switch on pistol/range electric pole
  • be part of rifle/pistol range berm repair group
  • be part of forest stand thinning crew, estimated 4 more outings of 2 or more volunteers, Sundays/mid-week
  • repair rifle/pistol range target anytime, on your own time
  • done: repair dirt road in 3 sections for summer/fall rain rutting
  • clean clubhouse gutters on 2nd floor entrance side
  • done: spray paint horseshoes various colors
  • done: pull downed trees (with tractor) into parking lot to be cut into firewood
  • done: cover LED lights with garbage bags
  • rebuild fire pit outside clubhouse entrance
  • build/install  wooden fence panels for new 2nd skeet field
  • done: stack picnic tables for the winter

Clubhouse Carpentry Related Projects

  • Build a lockable cage surround for Norco top shelf bar items
  • Build a lockable backup top shelf bar inventory 

Committees and Volunteer

  • Become a volunteer bar tender, get TIPS certified, help tend bar on Thursday’s, some Saturday’s, and other special events
  •  Join the trap and skeet committee to help run operations, maintain the facilities, and periodic maintenance on equipment
  • Help the club stay clean and covid safe, weekly or bi-monthly cleaning/sanitization of high-volume contact surfaces such as all doors, counters, bar stools, and restroom fixtures.
  • * there are many more committees to get involved in, including archery, fish derby, raffle committee, grounds upkeep and repair, tractor related work, pheasant committee, specific cooking events, etc