Defensive Handgun Training Classes – DH1, DH2, DH3, DH4 – April thru September

Norco member and firearm instructor Joe Picariello, principle at Wachusett Firearm Training rolled out a series of Defensive Handgun Series Classes to be held here at Norco. Norco members receive a discounted class fee.  To enroll, no training requirement for DH1, but should have a LTC or have applied for one. DH2 requires completion of DH1 or equivalent. DH3 requires completion of DH2 or equivalent.  DH4 requires completion of DH3.  Contact Joe to enroll or ask questions at

Click on the following dates to read course descriptions, what you’ll learn, what it costs, and what you bring.  Attending a class, you’ll come away with fundamental knowledge and skills while meeting new members.  If you don’t have all your gear, give Joe a call on what to obtain, borrow, and or get recommendations on where to obtain.

Defensive Handgun 1 , April 28 & 29

Defensive Handgun 2, May 20

Defensive Handgun 1, June 23&24

Defensive Handgun 2, July 15

Defensive Handgun 3, August 19

Defensive Handgun 4, September 16