Jim and Jay caught a truck-load of salmon

Jim Turgeon and Jay Johnston both limited out on Orwell Creek in Altmar NY  Aside from what is in the PU bed, many more were caught and released.

Orwell Brook is the second of the two Salmon River tributary streams that is frequently fished for salmon and steelhead. It provides good spawning ground and holds salmon in the fall and steelhead in the spring. There is a small designated parking lot for Orwell Brook on Tubbs Road just east of its intersection with Route 52. (Route 52 is known as Bridge Street in Altmar). You may also park on Route 52 just south of its intersection with Tubbs Road, and on Tubbs Road at the bridge over Orwell Brook. Most anglers fish downstream from the bridge at Tubbs Road.  Many parts of Orwell Brook are thick with brush and negotiating around the stream can be difficult.