Norco Clambake 2022 – Perfect Weather – Perfect Meal

The club annual clambake was enjoyed by 35 club members and guests. Weather was great, seafood was fresh, and appetites were large.   Volunteer thanks go out to Ben Nagle, Kevin Hutchins & Carla, Mike Rainville, Charlie Wisnewski, Britta Carlson, Tommy MacIntosh, Rudy Sax, Chris Norcross, Donna Laroque, and Wayne Adams.   See below the picture gallery on how to setup your clambake the same way including a great clam chowder recipe.

Main course included lobster, steamer clams, corn in the husk, red potatoes, clam chowder w/ oyster crackers, 1/2 chicken skin on, chouriço Portuguese sausage (not Mexican chorizo).